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CryptoCurrency HYIP Investing Can Make You Very Wealthy...

Do You Know What A HYIP Investment is? (High Yield Interest Platform)

Today we will introduce you to a new strategy on HYIP Crypto Investing.

Are you familiar with Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin or any other Crypto Coins?

Are you aware that more millionaires have been made faster by investing in Cryptos than in any other asset class EVER!

How would YOU like to be the next Crypto Millionaire? The 2nd major Crypto wave is coming and NOW is the BEST chance you may ever have…


The HYIP Rotation System uses statistical analysis to minimze the risk of investing into HYIPs while maximizing the profit

This is a brief overview of the HYIP Rotation System which is only intended as an introduction. Please inform yourself about the details of each step, before using it yourself. This overview contains links to other articles describing each part in much more detail and explaining the math and theories behind it

Let’s start by laying out some groundwork to build our strategy:

 Every HYIP (“High Yield Investment Program”) is -by definition- based on an unsustainable concept: Using funds of new investors to pay interest to older ones

 Therefore every HYIP 
will collapse at some point resulting in the defaulting of all open investments

 Up until this breaking point HYIP 
do payout as they promise and generate interest rates that cannot be found anywhere else

 Important: We are only talking about HYIPs here, not ponzi schemes or straight up scams. 

There is a important difference

That's where we get our goal: We want to be able to invest in HYIPs, take maximum profit as they grow and ideally have nothing left on the table when they collapse

Over the last several years you could have made 2,615% in Ripple, 3,735% in Etherium and over 65,000% in Golem to name a few that if you had taken advantage of being there at the right time. OOODLES of profits….In fact an increase in Docademic from $.02 on May 12 to $.49 on May 27 (last week) would have yielded a 2500% profit in two weeks.

Here’s your opportunity to get in on the action and get Crypto educated pronto…

You can start with $1,000, $500 or as little as $50 to start to earn a million dollars within under 2 years.

Learn what to do, how to do it and then you can do it by YOURSELF.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mitchell J Schultz, also known as ‘CryptoMitch’.

To join our Crypto Investment Club we Typically charge a monthly subscription access fee to view our regular ‘Making a ‘MILTON’ updates.

(Note: A ‘MILTON’ equals One Million US Dollars but in CryptoCurrency.)

However, today, we’re going to make you a special offer: Become a CryptoMANIA Club member, you risk NOTHING.

We are a Private educational Investment Club and as a Club member watch me, ‘CryptoMitch’ week by week, step by step, as I teach you and demonstrate exactly how I use $1000 and within under 2 years attempt to reach my goal in ‘Making A MILTON’!

Can I do it? Will I do it? My specialty is HYIP…. It’s all HYIP’s. That’s High Yield Income Platforms to which I am an expert. During the this year, ‘CryptoMitch’ will introduce another few HYIP’s to examine and which you can invest in after doing your own research. I will lead you to the site, tell you about my experience and let YOU decide from there.



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If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the CryptoMANIA Club simply call or email us before your 30 days are up.

We’ll cancel your subscription, and we won’t charge you another dime. Plus, you keep everything you received during your 30 days, including watching the presentations on how to ‘Make A MILTON’ and over $500 of our educational information given at our workshop.  Come meet other Crypto Enthusiasts, have a good time and learn about CryptoCurrency Investing and how you too can become wealthy.

Once you watch us, you too can learn to do it by yourself or you can join us in the future as we do it with you.
Remember Never Invest More Than You Can Afford To Lose.

If you can afford to invest $1000 in a quest to make a million within a few years, then after one month, as a club member, you can apply for Club Investment participation.

Now go ahead and REGISTER. You TOO can become a Crypto Millionaire. Remember, Crypto investing has made more millionaires faster than any other asset class is history. FACT!

Hurry as seating is limited and this offer will end on June 15th or before once its filled.

Call us to Register at (888) 622-0321 to Speak directly with ‘CryptoMitch’ or one of his associates who will assist you in your registration and answer all your questions.

We will take down your Name, Email, Phone, Date and your Credit card and email you all info.

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